What are Bed Slats?
“Bed slats are wooden or metal planks you put on a standard bed frame to support your mattress. They are intended to be used INSTEAD of a box spring.”

Bed slats are essentially a row of wooden planks that run horizontally across your bed frame.They provide a supportive platform for your mattress to sit on. Many “platform beds” utilize bed slats in their construction in order for the user to forego having to purchase a box spring. Bed slats are becoming a popular trend with online mattress retailers due to their smaller and lighter packaging for shipping. They can be used in one of 2 ways. 1) You own a standard bed frame and use bed slats as a support system for your mattress instead of using a box spring. 2) You can purchase a platform bed that comes with bed slats already built in, many times people opt to purchase replacement slats for their platform bed due to the fact that many manufacturers utilize cheap bed slat systems.